A Little Introduction

This is me.

A small time girl from Oz who has found herself thrown around by life in general, thrown away numerous opportunities to enter the business world, who is now scratching her head and wondering what to do with herself.

About Me Photo

My name is Ruth (you can call me Ruthie/Ruthy, I’m not the kind of kid who worries about nicknames. Call me Al for all I care.) I’m 28 and a new mother, living 3,000 kilometres away from any family (mine, or my husbands), and I need to get going and do something with myself.

I’ve decided to make furniture – that is my long term goal.

I don’t want to make beannies and kids stuff and pretty little things all the time. I see so many mothers doing that these days (and good on ’em!), but I want to dig my fingers into something grittier.

I am inspired by strength. I am inspired by music and sex, I am inspired by hobbies, photography, art, children, humanity and politics. I live outside the norm. I am described as eclectic and a little eccentric.

Today I am going to buy a sewing machine. I hope you like what I do with it.


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