So, just bought my first sewing machine today. It’s a Brother LS-2160.

It has mixed reviews on the site linked above, but really all I’m doing is using it to start. When I get better at this (I hope) I will be able to afford a better one.

I’ve had a bit of time today to think through a few issues and talk them through, generally, with my husband (Torin, pronounced Tor-in, but just call him Toz, really.) Mister had his day off work today and we went Christmas shopping for the kids stuff (got it all, $520.00 later…but we did get Master 4’s birthday present too). I also got to go to Spotlight and get a sewing machine.

I honestly just hugged that thing for about 2 minutes, just before. I kid you not.

The sun was shining on me. We also got a LeapFrog LeapPad 2 (that was the main expense, but we considered it a good investment, since both the kids could use it until they’re 9.) Honestly, I can’t wait until Christmas Day to give it to them. I’ll be like a kid in a candy shop watching them open them all.

By the way, hate to be all over the shop, but you must know, I have a daughter who is 8 months, and a step-son who is 4. 

We got Mistress 8 Months a Bright Starts Activity Table, the kind where she can walk around

And a heap of Lego for Master 4. He’s such a champ.

Anyway, throughout the course of the day, I got to talk to hubby about stuff. I find him so good to bounce ideas off, since we’re kind of two peas in a pod whilst being two completely different people.

It’s kind of cool, I know when he’s just playing devil’s advocate. Two years ago this was a completely different story, but I still loved ‘im.

I have been inspired by books today. Old books. Books in terrible condition. But, nevertheless, books. I should look at book art. I’m going to look at book art right now and show you what I came up with, right this second! Live blogging!


Right: Inga and Tanja at takebigbites have an interesting one to offer up. Artist unknown. It’s so beautiful how it twists and turns, and it’s kind of edgy, but a little bit pretentious. Don’t get me wrong: I love pretentious. Pretentiousness is creativity in my books. Yes, arrogance CAN be a good thing!

Anyway, so BOOK art. Wonderful stuff.

I propose: Book Art furniture. All kinds of books. Kids books, adult books, comic books, magazines. You name it. I could do it.

It’s really quite cool, this idea of mine.

Here is something that caught my eye:


How incredibly grouse is it?

You can find it here

Anyway, I was a bit thrilled with that find, so it got me thinking. If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve done a lot of thinking.

PS. I have one “like” for my first post. I’m really a bit flattered that someone would read my stuff and be interested. Thank You, first liker!


One thought on “Milestones&Ramblings

  1. Helen Wearne

    Of course your first liker is your mother, but I see you have some comments on your next blog that owe nothing to bias!!! 🙂 xxx


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