Alright, so honesty in blogging comes across well, I believe. So I’m not going to make up some story about how I got up this morning and jumped on my new sewing machine and sewed for hours. Because, I did not. With an 8 month old I reckon the chances of Mum getting up and doing whatever the hell she wants to with her day are long gone, and won’t be here for a long time. I’m realistic about that, and that doesn’t bother me (because, quite frankly, it just can’t.)

At present I have just finished steam cleaning my lounge room floor, because Miss 8 months pooed out the side of her nappy, and it was gross. But, at least she’s pooing, because she’s been a bit constipated of late, with the addition of solids into her diet.

I think, really, the reason I’m enjoying this new endeavour of mine is because I get to do stuff for myself, while still look after my daughter, because I just sit on the computer when I can. I set her up with some play things, or she is nursing… She gets lots of sunshine every day because I make a point of taking her out and sticking her in the sun for 3 minutes so she gets her Vitamin D. So important for bone and eye development!

So at present I am listening to Daft Punk’s “Human After All” (top track) while Miss 8 months does her thing with a trolley full of blocks.

Uh oh, she’s just managed to find her way over to the CD cabinet…better go rescue it…)

5 minutes later…


Where was I?

OH yes, why I’m posting now.

I have spent the day setting up my blog. I’m lucky in that I know a bit about how websites are run from doing my Certificate IV Business and Public Relations (a Mickey Mouse qualification, really). It fortunately taught me a bit about web design, so I’m kind of rustling through design templates trying to find the RIGHT one for my blog. That’s a bit full on. There’s just stuff everywhere, how do you make a choice?

Secondly, trying to get the lingo right. Widgets, stats, profiles, organisation of material etc. etc. It’s fascinating really, I do enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to it.

Trying to get around wordpress – which is fairly awkward. As someone who really lived on Facebook for a long time, getting the hang of another interface is interesting. I do like the enterprising nature of blogging, in whatever form it comes. As I said earlier, honesty comes across in blogging, and boy, it shows.

I have been on Etsy to a wonderful man who sells fabric and has been telling me about his Kimono silk, and is in fact, talking about sending me some swatches. What a wonderful community Etsy is. I’ve already made my first treasury list, and I’ve been a member for 5 days. I’m blown away, and it has inspired me to bigger and better things, just being there.

Anyway thought I’d just share this.
Miss 8 months, very occupied.

Anyway, enough about that. I’d like to throw to the audience, any tips for a novice that you can share for me? Cool tips, tricks? Hit me.


One thought on “Blogging&Motherhood

  1. kvossmeyer

    I am in the same boat as you. Same awkwardness maneuvering and creating my blog. Doing it to have a little something for me. I have a Mr. 9 months! Check out my blog post Airing My Dirty Laundry. I’m sure you can relate! Best of luck and I will continue to follow you!


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