Airport Art 2

I found this wonderful blog by Angelinem that has a lot of pieces that really inspire me. I love the “Spot” sign. Maybe i can do something in terms of making “sign” poufs/ottomans. I love anything that seems “Pop Art” ish. Don’t doubt there will be more reblogs like this to come. Enjoy!

And, of course, great work, Angelinem!

AngelineM's Blog


Airport Art 1 began in Northern California; an hour and a half later, and several miles down the road, and I was in Southern California.


It turns out that leaving Southern California to return home was not so easy. Bad weather all over California that weekend caused a domino delay effect. I had a couple of hours to enjoy the art in Orange County’s John Wayne Airport. The work of artist Robert Dowd was on display.


Robert Dowd moved from Detroit where he studied, to San Francisco in 1960 and began his artwork on postage stamps. When I first saw these, I had to walk up close to realize they are paintings.



Dowd moved to LA in 1961…what? only one year in San Francisco? Oh, well, then he began his work on painting currency, and had a bit of a run in with the FBI (J. Edgar and all that)



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