Today I have had an awesome, uninterrupted 4 hour sleep, courtesy of my wonderful husband and daughter. I feel very, very refreshed! I’m sure, as some of you undoubtedly know, you don’t know how tired you actually are when you’re a parent. I hope I can get around to paying Toz back for the favour. He is also now making a stew for dinner, so I have time to sit down and do this! What. A. Man.

I have been checking out some blogs on my travels around WordPress. I’m trying to find tags that I feel most describe my goal. So far I have: Floor pillow, furniture, furniture design, ottoman, pop art, collage and sewing. And sex. Sex is inspirational to.

I had a funny conversation with Mum yesterday, about my blog and how I’ve mentioned that I’m inspired by sex. She said, “Careful what you put on the internet, you could invite weirdos.” Now Mum, dear Mum. I love her to bits, I would never call her a prude, but here was her justification:

“I don’t want you to end up chopped up in a bin, like I heard the other day about a person who was ‘swinging.'”

Mum, I said pet, I said love, I said darl, I said pet, Weirdos need furniture too, and I don’t swing.”

I hope that put her at ease, knowing I’m only making furniture.

Aaaaaanyway, heres some stuff I found that I thought was awesome:


Says blogger, Graph (which is a bloody awesome name, if you ask me): “Takashi Murakami explores central dichotomies in his work, merging Japanese pop art with traditional techniques. You can find some of his dynamic work in the likes of Paris, New York, Qatar and Frankfurt, Murakami writes off Hong Kong.”

Byron Joseph @ AndriodNoiseParty contributed this work, from Mathis Rekowski:

Sisyphus, at Myth of Sisyphus might hate what I’m doing, but he/she makes a good point about art and commodification. However, my understanding of capitalism is such that “…selling over-priced kitsch to over-moneyed philistines,” isn’t a moral issue that I’m going to dwell on too much.

Finally, a beautiful rendition of a Dior advertisement featuring Natalie Portman has been made by Gemma at Impress When You Dress. I love, love, love this.

Why can’t furniture be artful? I mean really, I’m not just going to focus on Pop Art (if I see the Campbell’s Soup Can again, I’ll yawn myself to death), but why can’t people have art as part of their furniture? I’m sick to death of seeing boring furniture. My furniture will not be boring. I promise.


5 thoughts on “Art&Furniture

  1. Sisyphus

    Thank you for the mention! I have to say that there is nothing about what you do that I would honestly hate — after all, we can sit on chairs, which is more that can be said for such excrescences as, say, Koons’ dogs.

    1. loveandanarchyfurniture Post author

      Haha, no worries! I actually enjoyed reading your post. I want to combine pop art and furniture in a way, so that’s how I found it! Your post got me and my husband talking about Andy Warhol, how he really didn’t work so hard to make ‘art’ – and how, in some ways, I might do the same thing with furniture. I’m just sick yo death of boring furniture. I crave something different, so why not do it myself?

      1. Sisyphus

        Indeed! Functional art has been important since at least the Arts & Crafts movement, and it is certainly due for a renewal. I wish you luck in your endeavor.

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