The thing I love most about Alan Alda…is…

M*A*S*H Season 4 Ep 18 “Hawkeye”

I’m a bit of a closet M*A*S*H fan. Toz hates it, so we don’t watch it. Yes, he is in control of the remote a fair bit of the time. He always compensates and puts SBS Food on sometimes, so I can watch something I’m interested in.

But because he hates M*A*S*H, I don’t put him through the agony of watching Alan Alda.

Now, I freaking LOVE Alan Alda. I have a bit of a girly crush on Hawkeye, he’s such a cheeky imp of a man.

Why do I love Alan Alda though? Because I respect him as an actor. Yeah, he never really differed from the “Hawkeye” persona in future roles, but I think he played a bad guy once or twice in something I have watched.

NB: I also have a terrible memory for movies and TV shows. Toz quotes The Simpson’s all the time and then throws me a pop quiz to see if I know whether it’s from any of the other cheesy low-grade humour cartoons that are on 7mate or 11. I am shocking.

The above mentioned episode of M*A*S*H, if you don’t know, is one big monologue.

Now, I’ve had to look this up, since it’s a while since I watched it and I don’t really know what goes on. I just remember it because it left an impression on me. Alan Alda crashes a jeep and is nurtured by a Korean family. Because he sustained concussion, he talks to them to keep himself awake. The Korean family loves that he talks to them, and show their endless hospitality.

It is a brilliant episode, written by Larry Gelbart, Simon Muntner; and uncredited writers, W.C Heinz, Richard Hooker and Ring Lardner Jnr.

Seems my girlie crush for Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce is based on a deep respect on Alan Alda for being able to pull it off.

Hats off to you, sir.


One thought on “Love&Alda

  1. Defending Axl Rose

    MASH is a fantastic show. The first 3 seasons are 100% awesome, I can’t imagine anyone not liking it. Of course Hawkeye was the coolest! He had the best name, the best hair, the best jokes, and the most heart. The show kinda got out of hand (seriously, it lasted years longer than the war it was based on) but even in it’s later, lesser seasons MASH was awesome.


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