My New Area
THIS is my new workstation. Just popped on Daft Punk, started ripping open the box for the sewing machine. I’ve put it on our ironing board (since I don’t use it for anything else) just for the time being. Thought also, I was pretty clever, because I managed to cut bits in to the cardboard box beneath it, so I can put stuff in there if I don’t want bubs getting to it. She’ll probably  find a way anyway.

Photo on 2012-12-10 at 16.20 #2

She climbs on EVERYTHING. She’s my personal Dora the Explorer.

Hey, you gotta start somewhere.


One thought on “Excitement&Beginnings

  1. Helen Wearne

    Cardboard box makes it a bit more stable too. We don’t want sewing machines falling on little heads!!!! xx 🙂 Good to see you setting up.
    Love Dora the Explorers Nanny Hum


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