Prince Moda’Arte Armchair.

Here is the first of a collection of upholstered chairs I find irresistible, this one from Moda furniture, described on the above linked website as follows:

“We first viewed Modà at the annual Fiera Milano International Furniture Exhibition. The place was buzzing with activity and felt more like a fashion store in Milan than an exhibit at a convention. We had some espressos, chatted with one of the owners and head designers, and people watched as buyers from around the world went in and out.

“Described as more abstract than realistic, Modà is the name to remember as a brand promoting distinctive lifestyle concepts and a producer of luxurious furniture that creates its own aesthetic language based on the personality of each piece. Objects inspired by the past, magic decoration taken from nature, elements with suggesting shapes inspired by classical tradition detailed with gold and silver leaf finishing.

“Their New Sinfonia14 collection is inspired by fashion “made in Italy”, is a tailor-made collection, strictly handmade  thanks to great professional skills of the best atelier.  The Modàrte collection combines unique furniture with hand painting by Italian artists to transform furniture into exclusive one of a kind pieces of art.”

I think I might delve in!


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