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So, because it’s been around 10 years since I used one of these things, and I could barely understand my manual, I had to look up an online tute.

This one was great and even came with it’s own, very entertaining blooper reel.



My daughter has been teething. And gassy. And, she has a bit of a nappy rash, which I’m putting coconut oil and paw paw ointment on, and it seems to be doing the trick. (Watch out, Paleo-Mummy here I come.)

All good, she was a bit full on last night as she refused to sleep yesterday…

And then.

And then a drum falls on her tonight. My daughter is 8 months old with superb motor skills. I mean, I trust her not to hurt herself if she’s climbing on something most of the time. She climbs on EVERYTHING. I cannot stop this from occurring, I just can not. If I try and hold her back, she just gets upset. And I figure, well, go girl. Go and get what it is you want, within reason.

But a drum fell on her tonight.

The drums, the bane of my existence. Especially tonight.

The drums were bought for my husbands son upon the arrival of Miss 8-months. As a present. Now, we are NOT a well off family. We’ve made things work and sometimes have fallen a bit behind, but we’re ok. We thrive on our happiness, which comes in abundance. My husband, Toz talked his way into my agreeing to give his son some drums. The drums don’t get played. I try and play them for Miss 8-months sometimes because she seems to love percussion. However, I look at the space and think: CRAFT DESK.

But they are especially the bane of my existence, because now they have given my little girl a bruised little eye. Poor little moppet. She screamed like buggery. But she’s a brave ruggy. Oh so brave. She was fine about 5 minutes post-accident, and I was the one freaking out instead. So I called my Mum, three hours behind.

“Mum”, I said, “Sorry it’s late but…”

I started a similar conversation the same way 17 months ago.

Mum is a nurse. She is a damn fine nurse. She always knows what to say and how to say it, and always tells me good things and never freaks me out even more: just tells me what to look out for, &c. Tonight it was, “If she starts vomiting or is hard to wake up, then take her to the doctor.”

It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as that, but it had swelled up quite a bit in 15 minutes or so, and she did have a nice purpley-reddy pea size bruise just under her bottom eyelid. Oh, I felt like such a terrible mother at that point. But! Kids get hurt. I have to remind myself of that, or I’ll go mad at myself instead.

Time gets away from you when you’re a mother. Just doing this, doing that, cleaning up this, putting that away…feeding, changing. Did I mention cleaning?

So, I was stoked tonight when Toz took bub off my hands for about 15 minutes tonight (before she hurt herself) so that I could play with my machine a bit. I really wish my Year 8 Home Ec. teacher was here to guide me. I do remember how to thread a bobbin. I do! I will get there, because I have creations in my mind that I need to share.

Indeed, just you wait.

I’ve been thinking about my new found love for sewing, and I thought, it’s not really a new thing. I’ve always loved sewing and making stuff.

My gran taught me how to sew. She taught me how to hand sew. I was about 10 or 11 years old.

I remember this so well. I remember sitting with her, sewing a little yellow purse with some buttons on it. She’d just taught me how to do drawstrings, and I was pretty proud. One day, it got a bit late, she had to go home, and I said, “I’ll finish it later and show you next time I see you.”

Then she passed away, very suddenly, from what is long suspected to have been a heart-attack bought on by food poisoning. That was in ’95.

She never got to see my bag. But I gave it to her.

I finished it, I put it on her coffin as they cremated her. She’s buried with that bag that she so lovingly taught me how to create.


Love ya, Gran. I’ll sew something green for you. ūüôā


My New Area
THIS is my new workstation. Just popped on Daft Punk, started ripping open the box for the sewing machine. I’ve put it on our ironing board (since I don’t use it for anything else) just for the time being. Thought also, I was pretty clever, because I managed to cut bits in to the cardboard box beneath it, so I can put stuff in there if I don’t want bubs getting to it. She’ll probably ¬†find a way anyway.

Photo on 2012-12-10 at 16.20 #2

She climbs on EVERYTHING. She’s my personal Dora the Explorer.

Hey, you gotta start somewhere.


Prince Moda’Arte Armchair.

Here is the first of a collection of upholstered chairs I find irresistible, this one from Moda furniture, described on the above linked website as follows:

“We first viewed Mod√† at the annual Fiera Milano International Furniture Exhibition. The place was buzzing with activity and felt more like a fashion store in Milan than an exhibit at a convention. We had some espressos, chatted with one of the owners and head designers, and people watched as buyers from around the world went in and out.

“Described as more abstract than realistic, Mod√† is the name to remember as a brand promoting distinctive lifestyle concepts and a producer of luxurious furniture that creates its own aesthetic language based on the personality of each piece. Objects inspired by the past, magic decoration taken from nature, elements with suggesting shapes inspired by classical tradition detailed with gold and silver leaf finishing.

“Their New Sinfonia14 collection is inspired by fashion ‚Äúmade in Italy‚ÄĚ, is a tailor-made collection, strictly handmade¬† thanks to great professional skills¬†of the best atelier.¬† The Mod√†rte collection combines unique furniture with hand painting by Italian artists to transform furniture into exclusive one of a kind pieces of art.”

I think I might delve in!


I have looked at SO much stuff today, that I could write an epic blog post and list every piece of fabric, every ¬†epic upholstery job I have seen, and I still couldn’t tell you what I have planned for them in my mind. I have a very CLEAR image in my mind of what I want to create, but I will have to wait to show you pictures when I start making stuff.

I can’t really sew at the moment. Number one, I haven’t got a sewing desk yet, and I’d happily do it on the floor, but I have a small baby. Not a good idea. I’m also going to have to watch out for dropped pins when I do start.

However, I won’t let the fear of that happening stop me, because I’ll just deal with it when the time comes.


Here is my ‘fabrics’ post: which I will endeavour to include the Top 10 Fabrics that I have seen today. (Enter, list-mania)

I will only do this when I have an opportunity to sit down and look at fabric online, and I won’t do it every day, but I will do it.

Ten fabrics I would like to do things to, in naughty ways.


Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 7.53.35 PM
Holy pineapples, Batman!



Japanese kimono silk, found at The Design Files Australia. Really glad I found this resource!


This little Twiggy went to market.

I’m not sure if it’s fabric, since the link on Pinterest takes me only to the main site, but you can find it here.


Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 8.31.16 PM

Mushrooms at The Dainty Squid. Just stupendous.


Japanese¬†Vintage Katazome fabric. Mmmm… (I have no idea if it’s upholstering fabric, I just li-li-like it.)



Fabric – Colourful Stardust Pattern.

Imagine this in the kids rooms, giving them all sorts of happy ideas. ūüôā


The things I could do to this piece of cotton linen.


Who knew burlap could be so beautiful?


This is wonderful wonderful fabric. Simple. It is a fabric from the Philippines, finely woven cotton. I would love to do something with a contemporary tribal theme. I am so attracted by reds, blacks and whites. I can’t help it, they look so striking together.

Side note: Reds and blacks, whites are the predominant theme in our house. If you check out my other blog, you will see a spray painting that I have done on canvas, go to: It is the opening image. It really is amateurish, but you’ll see what I mean.¬†

Kimono Fabric 2

Pierre at Vintage Japanese Silk on Etsy has been so wonderful to me in my endeavour to get into this. I have had all sorts of questions about whether his beautiful fabric would be suitable for what I’m doing, and he has guided me well without pushing a sale on me straight away. But I will be back, because who could resist such wonderful customer service, and beautiful fabric. I’m not advertising for the man, I’m simply giving credit where credit is due, and I love the above print, so damn bad!

Anyway, that’s it! That’s my contribution for tonight, because I’ve got to go let Toz have the computer.