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My daughter has been teething. And gassy. And, she has a bit of a nappy rash, which I’m putting coconut oil and paw paw ointment on, and it seems to be doing the trick. (Watch out, Paleo-Mummy here I come.)

All good, she was a bit full on last night as she refused to sleep yesterday…

And then.

And then a drum falls on her tonight. My daughter is 8 months old with superb motor skills. I mean, I trust her not to hurt herself if she’s climbing on something most of the time. She climbs on EVERYTHING. I cannot stop this from occurring, I just can not. If I try and hold her back, she just gets upset. And I figure, well, go girl. Go and get what it is you want, within reason.

But a drum fell on her tonight.

The drums, the bane of my existence. Especially tonight.

The drums were bought for my husbands son upon the arrival of Miss 8-months. As a present. Now, we are NOT a well off family. We’ve made things work and sometimes have fallen a bit behind, but we’re ok. We thrive on our happiness, which comes in abundance. My husband, Toz talked his way into my agreeing to give his son some drums. The drums don’t get played. I try and play them for Miss 8-months sometimes because she seems to love percussion. However, I look at the space and think: CRAFT DESK.

But they are especially the bane of my existence, because now they have given my little girl a bruised little eye. Poor little moppet. She screamed like buggery. But she’s a brave ruggy. Oh so brave. She was fine about 5 minutes post-accident, and I was the one freaking out instead. So I called my Mum, three hours behind.

“Mum”, I said, “Sorry it’s late but…”

I started a similar conversation the same way 17 months ago.

Mum is a nurse. She is a damn fine nurse. She always knows what to say and how to say it, and always tells me good things and never freaks me out even more: just tells me what to look out for, &c. Tonight it was, “If she starts vomiting or is hard to wake up, then take her to the doctor.”

It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as that, but it had swelled up quite a bit in 15 minutes or so, and she did have a nice purpley-reddy pea size bruise just under her bottom eyelid. Oh, I felt like such a terrible mother at that point. But! Kids get hurt. I have to remind myself of that, or I’ll go mad at myself instead.

Time gets away from you when you’re a mother. Just doing this, doing that, cleaning up this, putting that away…feeding, changing. Did I mention cleaning?

So, I was stoked tonight when Toz took bub off my hands for about 15 minutes tonight (before she hurt herself) so that I could play with my machine a bit. I really wish my Year 8 Home Ec. teacher was here to guide me. I do remember how to thread a bobbin. I do! I will get there, because I have creations in my mind that I need to share.

Indeed, just you wait.


I’ve been thinking about my new found love for sewing, and I thought, it’s not really a new thing. I’ve always loved sewing and making stuff.

My gran taught me how to sew. She taught me how to hand sew. I was about 10 or 11 years old.

I remember this so well. I remember sitting with her, sewing a little yellow purse with some buttons on it. She’d just taught me how to do drawstrings, and I was pretty proud. One day, it got a bit late, she had to go home, and I said, “I’ll finish it later and show you next time I see you.”

Then she passed away, very suddenly, from what is long suspected to have been a heart-attack bought on by food poisoning. That was in ’95.

She never got to see my bag. But I gave it to her.

I finished it, I put it on her coffin as they cremated her. She’s buried with that bag that she so lovingly taught me how to create.


Love ya, Gran. I’ll sew something green for you. 🙂


My New Area
THIS is my new workstation. Just popped on Daft Punk, started ripping open the box for the sewing machine. I’ve put it on our ironing board (since I don’t use it for anything else) just for the time being. Thought also, I was pretty clever, because I managed to cut bits in to the cardboard box beneath it, so I can put stuff in there if I don’t want bubs getting to it. She’ll probably  find a way anyway.

Photo on 2012-12-10 at 16.20 #2

She climbs on EVERYTHING. She’s my personal Dora the Explorer.

Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Jimmie Martin… Turns Me On!

Jimmie Martin… Just found it. Sensational stuff, and very VERY close to the style that I want to achieve, I’d just like to make mine a bit more accessible.

The Boho Life

I am always thrilled when I come across an Artist/Designer that is pushing the envelope with their designs and doing something out of the ordinary.  Jimmie Martin’s furniture designs are not only different but each design makes a statement. I would love to install the “It’s your imperfection that turns my on” wallpaper in a powder room or anywhere for that matter. Jimmie Martin not only do you inspire me, but you turn me on!!!

Shout out to the source: Jimmie Martin

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The thing I love most about Alan Alda…is…

M*A*S*H Season 4 Ep 18 “Hawkeye”

I’m a bit of a closet M*A*S*H fan. Toz hates it, so we don’t watch it. Yes, he is in control of the remote a fair bit of the time. He always compensates and puts SBS Food on sometimes, so I can watch something I’m interested in.

But because he hates M*A*S*H, I don’t put him through the agony of watching Alan Alda.

Now, I freaking LOVE Alan Alda. I have a bit of a girly crush on Hawkeye, he’s such a cheeky imp of a man.

Why do I love Alan Alda though? Because I respect him as an actor. Yeah, he never really differed from the “Hawkeye” persona in future roles, but I think he played a bad guy once or twice in something I have watched.

NB: I also have a terrible memory for movies and TV shows. Toz quotes The Simpson’s all the time and then throws me a pop quiz to see if I know whether it’s from any of the other cheesy low-grade humour cartoons that are on 7mate or 11. I am shocking.

The above mentioned episode of M*A*S*H, if you don’t know, is one big monologue.

Now, I’ve had to look this up, since it’s a while since I watched it and I don’t really know what goes on. I just remember it because it left an impression on me. Alan Alda crashes a jeep and is nurtured by a Korean family. Because he sustained concussion, he talks to them to keep himself awake. The Korean family loves that he talks to them, and show their endless hospitality.

It is a brilliant episode, written by Larry Gelbart, Simon Muntner; and uncredited writers, W.C Heinz, Richard Hooker and Ring Lardner Jnr.

Seems my girlie crush for Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce is based on a deep respect on Alan Alda for being able to pull it off.

Hats off to you, sir.


Alright, so honesty in blogging comes across well, I believe. So I’m not going to make up some story about how I got up this morning and jumped on my new sewing machine and sewed for hours. Because, I did not. With an 8 month old I reckon the chances of Mum getting up and doing whatever the hell she wants to with her day are long gone, and won’t be here for a long time. I’m realistic about that, and that doesn’t bother me (because, quite frankly, it just can’t.)

At present I have just finished steam cleaning my lounge room floor, because Miss 8 months pooed out the side of her nappy, and it was gross. But, at least she’s pooing, because she’s been a bit constipated of late, with the addition of solids into her diet.

I think, really, the reason I’m enjoying this new endeavour of mine is because I get to do stuff for myself, while still look after my daughter, because I just sit on the computer when I can. I set her up with some play things, or she is nursing… She gets lots of sunshine every day because I make a point of taking her out and sticking her in the sun for 3 minutes so she gets her Vitamin D. So important for bone and eye development!

So at present I am listening to Daft Punk’s “Human After All” (top track) while Miss 8 months does her thing with a trolley full of blocks.

Uh oh, she’s just managed to find her way over to the CD cabinet…better go rescue it…)

5 minutes later…


Where was I?

OH yes, why I’m posting now.

I have spent the day setting up my blog. I’m lucky in that I know a bit about how websites are run from doing my Certificate IV Business and Public Relations (a Mickey Mouse qualification, really). It fortunately taught me a bit about web design, so I’m kind of rustling through design templates trying to find the RIGHT one for my blog. That’s a bit full on. There’s just stuff everywhere, how do you make a choice?

Secondly, trying to get the lingo right. Widgets, stats, profiles, organisation of material etc. etc. It’s fascinating really, I do enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to it.

Trying to get around wordpress – which is fairly awkward. As someone who really lived on Facebook for a long time, getting the hang of another interface is interesting. I do like the enterprising nature of blogging, in whatever form it comes. As I said earlier, honesty comes across in blogging, and boy, it shows.

I have been on Etsy to a wonderful man who sells fabric and has been telling me about his Kimono silk, and is in fact, talking about sending me some swatches. What a wonderful community Etsy is. I’ve already made my first treasury list, and I’ve been a member for 5 days. I’m blown away, and it has inspired me to bigger and better things, just being there.

Anyway thought I’d just share this.
Miss 8 months, very occupied.

Anyway, enough about that. I’d like to throw to the audience, any tips for a novice that you can share for me? Cool tips, tricks? Hit me.


This is me.

A small time girl from Oz who has found herself thrown around by life in general, thrown away numerous opportunities to enter the business world, who is now scratching her head and wondering what to do with herself.

Here I am. My name is Ruth (you can call me Ruthie/Ruthy, I’m not the kind of kid who worries about nicknames. Call me Al for all I care.) I’m 28 and a new mother, living 3,000 kilometres away from any family (mine, or my husbands), and I need to get going and do something with myself.

I’ve decided to make furniture – that is my long term goal.

I don’t want to make beannies and kids stuff and pretty little things all the time. I see so many mothers doing that these days (and good on ’em!), but I want to dig my fingers into something grittier.

I am inspired by strength. I am inspired by music and sex, I am inspired by hobbies, photography, art, children, humanity and politics. I live outside the norm. I am described as eclectic and a little eccentric.

Today I am going to buy a sewing machine. I hope you like what I do with it.