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I just made this with cranberry sauce and two teaspoons of rum essence…added ginger, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to the egg mix and used evaporated milk instead of normal milk. Guess I’m not so paleo yet. Ah well, I will serve it with whipped cream. And, the fact that it was dessert night tonight, and we didn’t end up making it because we were so tired (the 4 year old was most upset) won’t matter so much anymore.

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HEY!!!! THIS POST IS 2+ Years old— I updated it recently to help answer the questions and comments and traffic this post has received  The updated version is HERE.

From December 2010:

I love big weekend brunches!  Breakfast is a pretty big tradition in my family on the weekends.  Both my mom and I worked in diners when we were in college and nothing beats my mother’s omelettes with a side of corn beef hash or sausage.

I can also say I hate all the dishes involved after a nap worthy brunch fest.   How many pots and pans can you dirty with bacon or eggs, french toast and pancakes— and lets not even deulve into waffles. By the time you muster the energy, and actually get through a sink full, I’m keen to make another total kitchen mess with cookies, pie, or whatever recipe (holiday cookies!?!) I’m experimenting with that…

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